Professional Laundry Services

For Airbnb, Expedia, & Other Listing Channel Hosts

Offering convenient collection and delivery from your city limits self-catering rental property


Professional laundry services for Airbnb listing hosts in Galway, Ireland


LaundryLets is the best option for making sure your guests enjoy top quality cleanliness and hygiene.
We offer custom pricing for Ironed and Folded Laundry through our comprehensive pricing list.

If you have a self-catering holiday home or Airbnb business, you will already know our services are in high demand.
Allow LaundryLets to take your service levels to 5-star hotel levels at a fraction of the cost of large chain drycleaners.

Our mission is to assist Airbnb hosts with operating hassle-free. Our goal is to make the hosting experience seamless.


Offering convenient collection and delivery from your location within the city limits

Folded Laundry

Our Folded Laundry option is for ordinary laundry. Items are washed, tumble dried and folded neatly for delivery.

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Quick Turnaround

12 hour turnaround is available with our Express service class. The typical turnaround is within 24 hours.

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Ironed Laundry

Our Ironed Laundry option is for individual linens. They are hygenically washed, ironed, folded and delivered.

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Premium Duvet Cover Cleaning Service

Our premium duvet cover cleaning service is for beds of all sizes. After arrival to our facility, our experts will assess the care label and fabric type. This bespoke approach ensures a premium finish with professional ironing taking place after a high quality cleaning process.


For Airbnb, Expedia, & Other Listing Channel Hosts

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